Family life with EDS and MCAD

Home education and chronic illness – Part 1

I remember when I first met a home education family, I judged them immediately and considered it absolutely a poor second to sending a child to school. ¬†They were a … Continue reading

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Myofascial Release

Myofascial release (or Rolfing, which I believe is very similar) is being used for some of the top athletes. Therapists have found that by stretching and balancing out the connective tissue around an injury or a problem area it can heal the body even when other therapies or surgery have failed.

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Material madness

I gave up with the book and tried to hold her still with my arms. Her body started convulsing with pain down the front of her body. Her teeth were chattering despite her hot temperature and she was making loud repetitive noises. My husband came up to help; we had never seen her like this before.

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Bath time!

Please don’t be too shocked when I tell you that I haven’t washed the little one’s hair since the summer and our seven year old has probably only washed her hair five or six times this year. Me? I would normally wash my hair once or twice a week but at the moment I haven’t used shampoo for two weeks now.

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Christmas at home

The hour was late, the children were tired and I was exhausted. Exhausted?!! I hadn’t done anything all day! But just that small disruption to our world and the candle fumes had sapped all my energy. Any good mother would have marched their children up to bed, read stories, brushed teeth, and got them tucked in at a respectful hour.

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